Steak Fries 6 | 11

with aioli and oregano


Beer Battered Fries 10 I 18

with bbq sauce and aioli


Garlic Pizza Bread 8 l 12


Cheese and Bacon Pizza Bread 14 l 19


Onion Rings 14

with thyme and garlic mayo


Cheese & Bacon Wedges 18

with herbed cream


Quesadilla 20

Tortilla with smoked chicken, roasted capsicum, mozzarella and BBQ sauce

served with herbed cream & tomato coriander salsa


Grilled Scallops 22

dressed in bacon with chorizo and green pea puree 


Arancini 15

mushroom, thyme and parmesan served with hummus and basil pesto


Beef Meatballs 17

with pickled beetroot, hummus and feta cheese


Pork Belly Bites 17

with apple sauce


Marinated Lamb Skewers 22

with Greek salad & tzatziki


Seafood Platter 45

with mussels, squid rings, scallops, fish bites, prawns, flatbread & dips


Antipasto Platter 38

with salami, chorizo, ham, prosciutto, gherkins, sundried tomato, cheese, flatbread & dips


Malt Platter 35

with samosas, spring rolls, fish bites & squid rings

Tasting Platter 32

(for 2)

Scallops, arancini, pork belly bites and beef meatballs





Satay Beef Salad 28

with crispy noodles, cashews, red onion, cucumber, mesclun, tomato & satay dressing


Vegan Salad 27

chickpeas, quinoa, beetroot pickle, tomato, dried cranberry, balsamic pearls & plant-based patty

Plant-Based Burger 27

with roasted capsicum, red onion, lettuce, tomato sweet chili sauce, aioli & fries

Beef & Bacon Burger 27

with lettuce, tomato, egg, cheddar cheese & beetroot pickle, served with aioli and fries 

Italian Fried Chicken Burger 27

cheddar cheese, chipotle aioli, green apple, slaw & fries


Slow-Cooked Pork Ribs 28

500g with fries


Pan Seared Market Fish 31

on a green pea puree and potato celeriac rosti with fresh tomato & coriander salsa


Fish and Chips 29

with beer battered fries, tartare sauce & malt vinegar


Lamb Shank 37

with potato mash, seasonal vegetables and a hoisin red wine & mint jus


Build a Steak 37

choose between 220g scotch/ 180g eye fillet

sides: garden salad & fries OR potato mash & seasonal vegetables

sauces: peppercorn / bacon & mushroom / garlic butter

Homemade Beef Meatballs Fettucine 28

with fresh tomato basil sauce & shaved parmesan

Smoked Chicken, Bacon Mushroom Fettucine 28

with creamy tomato sauce & shaved parmesan


Pumpkin & Spinach Fettucine 26

with feta, creamy tomato and parmesan sauce





Four Cheese  25 I 30

tomato base, colby, mozzarella, parmesan & feta with fresh tomato and basil


Ham 24 I 29


Pepperoni 24 I 29


Hawaiian 24 I 29

ham, cheese and pineapple


Carnivore 28 | 33

red onion, chorizo, beef, salami, pepperoni, bacon and tomato, topped with Tobasco & herbed cream


Tandoori 28 I 33

tandoori chicken breast, red onion, cashews and topped with peach chutney, banana & coconut


Greek 28 | 33

lamb, red onion fresh diced tomatoes, olives and feta topped with tzatziki


Quattro 28 I 33

salami, ham, king prawns and mushrooms


Vegetarian 28 | 33

with tomato, capers, soy & wheat-based chargrilled pieces, oregano and mesclun


Fried Chicken 28 l 33

rosemary, New Zealand honey and kikorangi blue cheese


Beef Meatball 28 l 33

with red capsicum, red onion, dry chili, fresh basil & BBQ sauce


50/50 Large Pizza 35




Creamy Mashed Potato 6


Green Salad 6


Seasonal Vegetables 6


Fried Eggs 2


Sauce 2

peppercorn / bacon & mushroom / garlic butter


Brulee of the day 11

served with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream

Chocolate Brownie 11

.served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream & chocolate sauce

Pavlova Roulade 11

served with whipped cream 


Kids' Steak 9.5

served with fries and tomato sauce

Mac & Cheese Balls 9.5

served with fries and tomato sauce

Fish Bites 9.5

served with fries and tartare sauce

Mini Hot Dogs 9.5

served with fries and tomato sauce

Kids Bolognese 9.5

Kids Pizza 9.5 

choose 3 toppings: ham, cheese, pineapple, chicken, tomato, mushroom


Ice Cream Sundae 6.5

choose sauce: chocolate, caramel, berry

Mini Brownie 6.5

served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce